Hello. My name is Matheus, i am a brazillian game developper by day and a indie game developper by night and weekends. Games is all i do.

I am currently the only person working on the HASH17. But i’ll probably find someone to do artwork for the game.

The first idea for the game came to me on setember of 2016. On november i built a prototype. I left alone for a few weeks and this past month i rebuilt the game from scratch.

And now i am setting this dev log to register and share the development of this game with whoever wants to know about. Thank you for being here. Here’s the my first entry on here:

This is the first of, hopefully, many logs about the development of the HASH17.

Today i uploaded the first decent build of the game to GameJolt and Itch.

so that i can collect feedback and criticism and try to build a better game.

I have no idea how am i gonna pull this off, since this would be my first comercial release from A to Z. I have been making games for about 2-3 years now but never something like what i want HASH17 to be.

I will be working on the game on weekends and evenings. I am setting up milestones for every first wednesday of every month – which is when Spin (a game dev gattering in São Paulo) happens –  but hopefully i’ll be able to update this dev log – and the game – every two weeks.

About the game:

HASH17 is a text-based puzzle game with a rich story. At least that’s what i am aiming at.

I love the hacking/cyberpunk culture and want to create something about it. Since i am a very good programmer, create a hacking game was the easyest – and most fun – path to take.

I first built a very bad prototype of what i wanted to do and didn’t thought it was any good, so i left it alone for a few weeks. That’s when Allan, a friend and coworker at FireHorse Studios, won a grant to build his game. Knowing that he had won and considering we always talked about making games on our free time (on top of being full time game developpers), i was inspired to start a new game.

That’s when i remembered i already had a idea that i liked with a prototype that i didn’t like, so i decided i would show the prototype to Allan and see what he thought about the game.He actually liked it. So i sent to a few more friends and they all seemed to like it. They had a lot of criticism of course, but the important thing was that they thought the game had potencial.That was probably around november/dezember of 2016.

I kept the idea of actually making this game for a few weeks untill i decided that i would give it a try.So i rebuilt the prototype from scratch. This new prototype – which is now actually the first mission of the game – is what i uploaded to itch and gamejolt today. I hope people play it and give me feedback and criticism so that i can improve the game and myself.

I really want people to be honest about their thoughts on the game, even if they hate it.It’s only when other people play your game that you know if it’s any good. Because we’re just too involved in our projects to see the true potencial – or lack of.

So, that’s it for the first entry. My hope is to make the best game possible for me and for the people who will played it.

Best regards,

Here’s some images of the current stage of the game:


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